Omega constellation is back in the news

Omega constellation – vintage vintage – vintage Omega constellation Omega constellation The constellation is known to have been one of the most prominent constellations in the ancient Greek calendar.

It is also known as Ophiuchus and is one of only three constellants to feature a black belt in the martial arts.

The constellation features an impressive array of stars and a blue sun.

Its colours are described as ‘a deep blue and orange-red with a white band on the centre’ and it also features the Greek goddess Artemis and her attendant Pegasus.

The constellation was discovered by Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 4th century BC and named after him.

It’s also the name of a famous constellation in Greece, and was chosen as the name for the constellation by Greek astronomers in the 6th century AD.

The original constellation was named after Hipparchus, a Greek astronomer who used the same name to describe the constellation.

In 1576, he used the constellation name in his book, The Compass of the Ages.

Hipparchos was born in the 5th century and his wife Eunoe, the wife of King Ptolemies I, was born the following year.

In the late 6th and early 7th centuries AD, Hipparchides’ son, Antigonus, was appointed to the throne of Athens.

Antigonos became the most famous of the Greek kings and was appointed in 1392 by King Pausanias to govern Greece.

He died in 1394.

After the death of his father in 1391, Antipater became the first king of the Hellenistic empire and became the patron of Greece.

Hipparides was also one of Greece’s greatest artists.

He is credited with painting many of the classic works of art, including the Etruscans, the Trojan War, the Medusa, and the Trojan Queen.

Hipparcos, the patron god of the sea, was also among the most influential figures in Greek art.

He was born at Corinth, where he grew up, and died at Athens in Athens in 323 BC.

His death was commemorated as the Day of the Sea by many Greek cities.

The new constellation The new new constellation has been named after the Greek philosopher Hipparchius and was first seen in the summer of 2016 by a British astronomer.

In his book The Compass Of The Ages, he described the star Ophiucus, which is named after his wife, as being one of three stars in the constellation Ophiu, which means ‘sun’.

The constellation was discovered in the 3rd century BC by Greek astronomy professor Ptoletius and is known for its star Ophryon and its colours are called ‘a pale yellowish-green with a red band on its centre’.

The star is also a member of the Perseids family, which include the Orionids and the Hyades.

The Greek astronomer Hipparchis used to call Ophiukus ‘the brightest star in the heavens’ and described it as ‘one of the brightest stars in our solar system’.

This constellation is often described as the ‘star of the year’, but it’s really the brightest star we can see in the sky at the moment.

It can be seen from all over the world and is often visible in the night sky, but only when it is directly overhead.

The star Ophyucus is the brightest object in the northern hemisphere.

It has a diameter of around 50,000 light-years, and is around 13,000 times brighter than the Sun.

Ophiutus, the brightest light in the southern hemisphere is the star Procyon.

It also has a circumference of around 500 light-year, and it is around 10,000,000th of the size of the Sun, so it’s a pretty bright star.

The stars in this constellation are also known for their extraordinary brightness, but this is what makes them so popular in the astronomy hobby.

They’re also the most common constellational star seen in early-morning twilight and the brightest.

They have an impressive colour gamut, with the brightest of them shining in the early morning hours, and others appearing later in the day.

The bright colour gamus means they appear brightest at a particular time of day and they are also sometimes visible in very high-contrast skies.

The brightest star of the constellation is the Sun in its brightest colour, red, and this is also the colour of its parent star.

Other stars in Ophiuchi are also named after Greek gods, such as Poseidon and Hephaestus, as well as other Greek deities.

Ophyron is also one the most commonly observed stars in Greece.

This is because it is also in the centre of Ophiūs star cluster, meaning that its brightness is highest in the south.

The Sun is the centre point of the star cluster and is surrounded by a red disk of stars.

It forms the centre and upper rim of the galaxy Ophiuron.

The colour of Oph

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