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When the United States signed a free-trade agreement with Canada last week, many Americans were hoping that Canada would eventually join the United Kingdom, which has been one of the biggest supporters of free trade agreements.

But the two countries are not even close to reaching an agreement.

And the Canadian government is reportedly actively lobbying U.S. officials to keep the deal on the table, rather than negotiating a new one.

“The U.K. is looking for ways to keep their hand out of the deal,” said John Della Volpe, a former U.N. trade official.

“I think that is a bit naive.

I think that the British government is just trying to do whatever they can to keep Canada’s hand out.

The United States is the only country that has signed a deal with the U.k.

The only reason they signed it was to avoid paying for the U-turn they made on free trade.

And now they’re trying to play nice with Canada again.”

The United Kingdom has a different view.

While Canada’s trade deficit with the United Sates is about $30 billion a year, the U’s trade surplus with the Kingdom is around $1.7 billion.

Canada has been in a trade war with the British for the past few years, and its prime minister recently said he wanted to see Britain renegotiate its deal.

But British officials have said that there’s nothing in the agreement that would prevent them from negotiating a better deal with a U.s. ally in the future.

“It’s not the end of the world if the U is in a bad position,” said Andrew Haldane, a senior fellow at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies.

“If the U.’s position is that the U, its interests and its priorities are aligned with U. S. interests and priorities, then it’s not going to change.”

While Canada and the U are close allies, the United kingdom and France are also major allies.

They are both engaged in the Syrian conflict, and have both signed free-trading agreements with other European countries.

But they’ve also been working together to fight Islamic State, and the two have recently been pushing for a U-shaped trade relationship.

The two countries signed a similar free- trade deal in 2014.

And both countries have been actively lobbying the U., the United Nations, and other countries to maintain their free-market economic model.

The U. ks has been trying to negotiate with Canada since its trade relationship with the European Union ended in March.

But Harper, who announced his intention to exit the European union last month, said he was not open to renegotiating a free trade agreement with the country.

“We are not looking for another deal, we are looking for a way to protect our sovereignty,” Harper told a crowd of Canadian expatriates in Toronto.

“But I would never give up our sovereignty.

We would never go to a worse place, but we will never take away your sovereignty.”

The Conservatives have been making the case that a new trade deal with Canada is the best way to get a handle on the world’s trade imbalance.

“There is no better partner than Canada to take on this challenge and build a free and fair trading system for the world,” Harper said during a campaign stop in New Brunswick, New Brunswick.

“Canada’s economy is more than just a trade deal, and that’s why we have a new deal.”

But Canada’s position on free-treaty agreements has also been controversial.

On one hand, Harper has said he wants to renegotiate all trade agreements with the countries that have been signed, including NAFTA, the World Trade Organization, and even the North American Free Trade Agreement.

He’s also said that he wants the U to maintain the status quo on the climate change agreement, which he argues is not a free deal.

In a speech last month in Toronto, he called for a new “Global Environment” initiative that would include the countries of the U and the countries in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

And on Friday, the Harper government announced that it would be moving forward with a “global environment” plan, in which Canada will help create a global climate action plan, including initiatives to address climate change and the impact of climate change on human health.

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