When you think of ‘Taurus’: Here’s how the constellation looks from the constellation Orion

The constellation Taurus, also known as the Great Bear, is the brightest star in the constellation of Orion.

It is a spiral of stars and is visible from about 1,000km away in the Northern Hemisphere and from about 3,000m up in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is the first star to be known as a constellations companion star.

Taurus is the name of a constellation in the Zodiac, which is also known by the Greek words “Taurus” or “Titulus”.

It is the ninth of the nine constellings.

The constellation’s name is also used for the constellation Tethys.

It can be seen from about 400km to 2,000 km away from the equator.

It has the brightest magnitude of +0.7, a very long wavelength of light, and a relatively short wavelength of about 536 nanometres.

It was first discovered in 1885.

It was discovered in the southern hemisphere in 1881 by a British astronomer, Robert Hooke.

The star was discovered to be a star called Delphinus, which means “a bright one”.

Hooke thought Delphinais was a star with a very strong gravitational field.

Hooke found the star was really a faint red giant star.

Delphinus is a supernova remnant, or remnant of a supernovae explosion.

It will be found to be in the vicinity of 2.5 billion light-years from Earth.

Delphinis is a faint object that will be visible to the naked eye at the end of January.

It’s a binary star system, meaning two stars in the same system.

The stars are not interacting, so they will have no tidal effects.

The companion star is the bright, young star that is not a stellar companion.

It’s not known if the star has a planet.

Delphi, a constellation from the Greek god of wisdom, is famous for having a planet called Delphi and for being the first planet discovered in our solar system.

Delpius was named after the constellation Delphi.

The planet will be named after Delphi in the Greek language, because Delphi is also the Greek name for Delphi (the brightest star).

It will also be the name for the companion star, which will be called Delpus.

The system of Delphi has a period of 1.6 billion years, which makes it the most distant planet known in our galaxy.

It orbits a star known as KIC 8462852, which was discovered by the German astronomer Karl Schwarzschild in 1959.

This star is very similar to Delphi as it has a relatively small size and a red giant signature.

This makes it very difficult to find planets around it.

The star is named after its red color and its large brightness, which are the main reasons astronomers believe it is the companion of the star.

The light that falls on the planet will cause the planets surface to shine.

This light will give off infrared light and, in turn, will make the planet glow.

The planet is about 2.6 times as massive as Earth, which puts it in a similar orbit to the Earth.

It will be a fascinating find and it will be the first time a planet has been found orbiting a companion star of any kind.

It also means the planet’s mass will be very small, because its orbital period is only about 100,000 years.

This is less than the time it takes a black hole to form.

The astronomers expect that the planet is in a relatively safe orbit around its star.

It may be too far away to be seen by human observers, but its existence should be of great interest to those who study the nature of the universe.

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