How to wear the Orion constellation earring

Google is adding a new feature to its Android Wear app that allows users to set a custom icon on their watch.

It’s a nice gesture, but the new icon is not one you can use on the lock screen.

Instead, the new app will automatically display a custom logo for the constellation, and the wearer can use it to access the Google Assistant on the watch.

You’ll need to select the “Orientation and Navigation” icon on the Watch app, or select the right-hand side of the watch from the notification bar.

You can also use the “New” button on the Wear app to add the new watch to the list.

If you want to have the new Watch icon on your lock screen, you’ll need the “Lock Screen” option in the Wear settings.

You also need to allow the Wear watch to display the watch’s Lock Screen icon.

The new Watch app will show up in the “Watch Settings” section of the Wear apps in the watch app.

If your Android Wear watch doesn’t have the Lock Screen option, you can also manually choose the icon in the app’s watch app section, or you can choose to automatically display the Watch icon in your watch app settings.

To set up a custom watch icon, you need to open the Wear Settings app.

The Wear watch app has a new icon icon in watch section.

Tap on the new “Watch” icon in Watch section.

From the Wear screen, tap the “App Settings” button.

Tap on the “Custom” icon at the bottom of the screen.

The app will now display a list of watch faces that you can select.

Tap the “Add a Watch Face” button to add a new watch face to the Wear App.

To change the Watch’s lock screen icon, tap on the Lock screen icon in Wear section.

You should see the new lock screen in your Wear watch.

If the watch icon in Lock Screen is set to a custom symbol, you may need to go to the Settings menu and tap on “Custom Watch” to select it.

The Watch app is not a full watch app, so you can’t use the Google Watch app to check your location, set alarms, or any of the other smartwatch-like features you may have been using.

The watch app will display a message when it’s ready to display a notification.

You can still set a lock screen with the Google Now Launcher, but there’s no way to add your own watch face without the Watch App.

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