Why are Chinese meteors such a rarity in Japan?

By LIZ PORTE and KAZUNO KAWAMURACNN Staff WriterLOS ANGELES (AP) A small group of meteorologists in southern Japan have found a puzzling mystery in a rare celestial event: The meteors they see appear to be traveling through space at a speed far faster than any other known phenomenon.

The meteorologists say they’ve discovered that the meteors appear to have been moving at speeds much faster than anything observed in the solar system.

That could explain why the phenomenon has so little interest in the Western scientific community, where the meteor sightings have been known for more than a century.

Japanese meteorologist Kenji Ohkubo says he’s seen hundreds of meteors that look like meteors traveling through the heavens.

The ones he’s been able to find so far have all been traveling at speeds faster than the speed of sound, he said.

Ohkobo’s not alone in his theories.

He says other Japanese meteorologists are seeing similar phenomena and are searching for explanations for why.

“It’s hard to explain, but I think it’s a result of the high speed of the stars, because the stars are moving very fast and the Earth is moving very slowly,” Ohkoubo said.

“That’s the main thing that I want to understand.

Why are there so many meteors?”

Ohkoubou said the meteoric phenomena are just one of many phenomena that he’s observed over the past year in the northern part of the solar nebula.

He said a group of astronomers at the Japan Institute of Space Research has recently observed a number of phenomena in the same region of the nebula, including the appearance of star trails.

That study was released this week, and Ohkubbos group says it’s the first time it’s looked at the same data set from the same part of space.

“We have a lot of theories to understand, but at this moment we don’t have a clear understanding,” Ohyobo said, adding that the study could provide further clues to explain the phenomenon.

Scientists at the Japanese Meteorological Agency said they’re looking into the matter.

“We are actively looking into these new phenomena,” said Masao Kawaguchi, a meteorologist with the agency.

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