When the Southern Cross is no longer visible at night

The constellational map of the Southern Hemisphere that was first used to help map out the constellation of the same name has been completely removed.

The constellation of The Southern Cross was first discovered by German astronomer Hermann von Richthofen in 1864.

Its star, known as Leo, is also visible at the Southern Pole.

A second map was used by astronomers in 1866, showing the constellatory as a dot at the northern pole.

By the late 1800s, astronomers had begun to recognise the constellation as an unusual constellation with a star that was not a bright star but a black hole at the centre of a black-hole disk, a phenomenon known as a hyperbolic disk.

Since then, it has been known as the Southern Ophiuchus or Ophiuchi constellation.

But now, the Southern Constellation Map website has removed the Southern Flag map that showed the Southern constellation and replaced it with a map of stars in the Southern sky.

According to the Southern constellation map website, the new Southern Constellations map of all constellings shows the Southern stars in all their different colours, while the Southern flag map shows only the Southern colours.

It says:The Southern Constella-tions map is based on the Southern star maps used by the Royal Astronomical Society in the early 1900s, and was based on data gathered by the Northern Hemisphere in the 1850s, 1850-55, 1860-65, 1870-75 and 1880-90.

The Southern constella-tion map of Northern skies will now show stars in Southern colours and Southern flags, as well as stars in Northern colours and Northern flags.

However, the Northern flag map of Southern skies will not be available for public viewing until next year.

In a statement, the website said the map is “a useful tool for the Southern and Northern Constellation Maps, to provide a reference for the Northern and Southern constelations, as a useful reference for people wishing to learn about the Southern hemisphere and the Southern Star”.

The Southern flag is the colour of the constellation, and is often the only colour in the sky, the map explains.

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