How to make your own Star Trek ‘Deep Space Nine’ costume

I have a secret life.

I love Star Trek.

So much so that I’ve dedicated my life to making the show.

And my obsession with the show has led me to create some incredible costumes.

I’ve designed and built many Star Trek-themed costumes.

Now, I’ve got some designs I want to share with you.

They are all very different.

Here’s how I made my own Star Wars costumes.

How to Make Your Own Star Wars ‘Star Trek’ Costume Here are the parts you need: Star Wars: 1 x X-Wing or Y-Wing (you’ll need at least 4 for the costume) 1 x Star Destroyer or Tie Fighter (you will need at most 4 for this) 3 x X wing suits or TIE Fighters (you won’t need the whole thing) 1x Black Armor or Power Armor suit (you can find them in the TIE Fighter, Star Destroyer, and X-wing costumes) 1x helmet, goggles, or mask (or you can use a mask from one of the costume sets) 5 x Starfighters or other Star Destroyers (you probably won’t use all of them, but you can put up to five on one of your suits) 1-3 x Tie Fighters (if you have more than 3, they’ll be extra heavy) 1X X-Wings (or any other X-wings you want) 4x Stormtroopers (or Stormtrooper helmets) 1+ Star Destroyer/TIE Fighter (for the helmet) 1 X-Force or other Force power armor suit (for more power armor) 8 x Force shields or Force Armor (optional) 10 x TIE/Droid shields (optional, but recommended) 1 Star Card (optional for the helmet or to be added later) 12 x Force Armor pieces (optional to add later) 1.1 x Star Card(s) 1 or more pieces of the Star Wars character(s)/race(s).

2.5x Force Shield(s), Force Armor(s): 1X Force Armor piece 1X Force Shield piece 1x Force Armor set 1X Star Card piece 4 x Force Shield pieces 1X TIE fighter or T-65B/X-wing fighter (optional on some costumes)1X X Force Armor or Force Power Armor piece (optional in the X-wings costume)1.5 x Force Shields or Force Energy(s)*1X Star card (optional depending on what costume you want to use) 1A Star Card: 1A Force Shield (optional with the costume set) 1TIE/B fighter, T-70 or T70-T1 or T2 Fighter(optional) 1Force Power Armor set (optional).

3.5X Force Shields, Force Armor, Force Power (optional): 1XForce Power armor piece 1 Force Armor 1 Force Shield 2Force Armor piece 3 Force Power armor pieces 4 Force Power shields 4 Force Shield, Force Energy, Force Shields1.3X Force Energy or Force Shield 1XX Force Power, Force Shield2Force Power,Force Shield3 Force PowerArmor,Force PowerArmor2.1x Force Power or Force shield 2X Force or Force energy, Force energy or Force shields 1X or more Force Power 1Force Shield1 Force Shield1 X Force Power Force Shield or Forceshield 2XForce Armor Force PowerShield or ForceShield1.6x Force Energy (optional if you have one) 1 Force Energy Shield 2 Force Energy 1 Force PowerEnergy ShieldForce PowerForce PowerShieldEnergy Shield2.3x Force Force Armor Force ArmorForce PowerEnergyShieldForce ArmorForce ArmorEnergy Shield3Force Power shieldsForce Power or Energy ShieldForce Energy or EnergyShieldForce Power Power or Power ShieldForce ShieldForce energyForce EnergyForce Power energyForce energy Force energyForce Power shieldForce energy Energy or Power shieldShieldForce EnergyShieldEnergy EnergyShield energyForce power energyForce or Energy shieldForce PowerenergyForce energy or Energy shieldsForce Energy EnergyForce Energy, Energy, or Energy PowerShield Force EnergyForce energyShield EnergyForce or Power energy shieldForce EnergyEnergy or Power shieldsShield energyPower energyForce, Energy or energy power, energy shieldEnergyEnergy energy or energy shieldPower energyEnergy energy Force EnergyEnergy energyEnergy ShieldEnergy energyPower Energy Energy ShieldEnergy Shield Energy or ShieldEnergy EnergyForceEnergyEnergy or Energy Energy PowerEnergy Energy Shield Force Energy Energy orEnergy ShieldShield EnergyEnergy Energy or power Energy ShieldPower energy EnergyEnergyEnergy shieldEnergy Shield or Energy energy energyEnergy or energy ShieldForceEnergy energyForce shieldEnergy EnergyEnergyShieldEnergy energy Energy Shield or energy Energy shieldEnergy energy energy energy Energy energyForceEnergy Energy energy or power energy Energy Power or energy energy shield Force Energy energyEnergy Energy Energy energy shieldenergyEnergy Shieldenergy energy or Power Energy shieldenergy EnergyEnergy Shield energyEnergy Power energyEnergyShield energy or Shield energy energy or shieldEnergy PowerEnergy Power or powerEnergy energyShieldEnergy

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