The $100 billion winner of the $1.5 trillion prize to build the next space station, now known as the Orion capsule, is in a race to become the first private citizen to take it into orbit

A company is aiming to make it possible for the world’s first private individual to take the next step in space exploration by putting one of its capsule’s components into orbit.

The winner of The $1,000,000 prize in a space-traveling competition known as The Orion Challenge is Theoretical Aviation Technologies, or TAETS, which is building the first commercial capsule.

The company, which was founded in 2010 by former NASA and DARPA researchers, is building its capsule in partnership with private companies such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

The prize is worth $1 billion, with the winners receiving $50 million each.

TAETS is hoping to build a space station capable of supporting four astronauts and one crew member.

TAET, based in Seattle, Washington, said it would be using its $1 million, reusable Orion capsule to launch a crewed mission into orbit around the Moon, where it would spend several weeks.

The space station would then land on a landing pad in the Pacific Ocean.”TAETS is committed to providing a truly unique, transformative spaceflight experience for future generations,” TAETS founder and CEO John McPherson said in a statement.

“We believe that, for this type of mission, we have the best opportunity in the world to make that happen.

TAES is building a vehicle that will be capable of making this mission possible, and we look forward to demonstrating this capability with this first capsule.”

TAETS was founded by former DARPA and NASA officials and DARP chief Bill Gerstenmaier in 2009.

The team behind the Orion Challenge had a strong track record, with several winners including NASA and Boeing winning the first two competitions in 2011 and 2012.

TAET’s capsule, known as Orion, was built to launch on a Delta IV Heavy rocket.

TAES said in its statement that the capsule’s two main components, the Orion main engine and the Orion crew capsule, would be assembled in a bid to build on the success of previous missions to the moon and Mars.

TAETS said the capsule was designed to carry up to two crew members into orbit, a feat that was accomplished in 2008 by a Russian crewed flight.

TAets plans to use its Orion capsule and Orion crew module for several months in a low-Earth orbit, in a move that would be in keeping with the commercial space industry’s long-term goal of sending crew to the Moon.

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