How to save money on the cost of constellation television in Australia: Family doctor tells Breitbart News

Australia’s $14 billion investment in a constellation TV has caused a great deal of consternation among many people and even some of the major media outlets.

For starters, it’s the latest attempt to create a constellation television monopoly and a massive overcharge to the average consumer.

A new report from the Australian National University’s (ANU) Department of Public Policy says the government should scrap the scheme and instead make the cheapest possible offer to Australian families.

The ANU’s new report on the ABC TV subscription plans of Australian families is due to be published later this week.

The report, entitled “Cant wait?” suggests that while the current television packages do offer a decent option, they are expensive for consumers.

According to the ANU, a television package with a basic plan costs about $940 per month, with an additional $100 a month to pay for the premium TV package.

A standard package with the basic package would cost $1,040 per month with an extra $300 per month for the more expensive premium package.

The cost of a TV package without the additional premium package is $1.60 per month.

The additional $300 a month comes from the extra $150 a month the government has to pay to a broadcaster such as Nine Network, or $150 to Nine Sports.

The Government is considering a $5.10-a-month TV licence fee, but the ANUP report suggests that the price for families would be much higher than this.

The government could not be reached for comment.

But, as the report points out, the $4.20-a

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