Why is Orion the first constellation?

I had a feeling it might be a coincidence.

For me, Orion is the star I think of when I think about space.

It’s a bit like the moon, but bigger.

In fact, I have a hard time imagining that Orion is not actually bigger than the moon.

Orion is a massive red giant, so big that it is actually one of the most massive stars in the night sky.

The closest star to it, Alpha Centauri B, is nearly 20 times the mass of our sun.

It orbits in a similar orbit to the sun.

But unlike Alpha Centauri, Orion’s orbital period is very short, just 1.6 million years, about the same length as our own solar year.

Orion orbits in the same direction as the sun, which means it is always in the shadow of the sun and is only a few thousand light-years away.

Orion also has a fairly close orbit to our own, at about 1.5 million miles, or about the distance between the moon and Earth.

Orion’s name comes from the Latin word for “arrow,” which is itself a reference to the constellation of Orion.

When the constellation Orion was first seen, it was actually only one of many that were visible to the naked eye.

Now, thanks to telescopes and telescopes that can only be seen with the naked eyes, it is easy to see the entire constellation of stars that is visible from Earth, and to see Orion.

Orion was also the name of the constellation after the Roman god of the hunt, named for his hunting dogs.

The Romans thought the name came from the fact that the stars were so close to Earth, so they named their constellation after them.

The name Orion was given by the Romans because they thought the constellation would help guide hunters.

Orion and his dogs were the first hunters to go out into the field and find the animals that were hunting them.

One of the more interesting facts about Orion is that it has been known for more than a thousand years as the first constellation of the night.

There are two other constellants that are also called Orion, the constellation that the Greeks called the “Titan,” and the constellation called the Serpent, that is the constellation to which the Roman gods called the Sun.

The Serpent constellation, which is just a few hundred miles to the left of Orion, is known as the “Big Serpent,” because it is one of Jupiter’s moons.

It has a name that means “Big Eye” in Greek.

The other constellation is called “Tenebrae,” meaning “The One-eyed One,” because of its resemblance to the Greek myth of Tenebraeus, a giant who was one of Achilles’ seven sons.

In the Old Testament, Tenebras son was killed by an eagle.

Some people think that Orion and Tenebris were originally supposed to be the constellation, but they were changed in the Bible, because there were more stars in those two constellings than there are stars in Tenebrius.

The Greeks also called the constellation Pisces, which also has the same name as the Greek goddess of the hunting, because it was named after Pisces the eagle.

Pisces was one and the same with Orion and is also known as Pisces and Orion.

In a popular poem by the Greek poet Plato, Tetragrammaton, the god who represents the Sun, was named “Pisces.”

There are even other names for the constellation in the Old and New Testaments, and there are other names of constellators that were given by Christians, such as the constellation Virgo.

I have always been interested in how the names of the constellational stars and the constella- tions came about, but what is interesting about the constellation was that it was first discovered in the 19th century.

The first star discovered by a telescope was named Psi, for “Pleiades,” a name from the Greek word meaning “bright one.”

This star, which was named by astronomers for its apparent brightness, was discovered in 1891.

It was one year after the discovery of the giant star Alpha Centauri.

It took astronomers about a year to detect and identify this star.

When they did, they were shocked to find that it did not exist.

It turned out that this star was just a dim version of the star Alpha B, which had been found in the 1800s.

The next year, another star called Virgo was discovered, named after the Greek god of war, Virgo, because he was also known by the name “Virgo.”

It was found a few years later and the name Virgo appeared in the 18th century as well.

The astronomers who discovered these stars, astronomers who worked at the time with the great German astronomer Wilhelm Reich, and also at the very beginning of the telescope era, were all working on the same problem.

They were trying to identify a star called Gamma.

They wanted to know if it was a

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