Why Stars of the Leo Constellation Tattoos Are so Important

A new constellation tattoo that was inspired by a Leo constellation tattoo has been awarded $10,000 in the first ever Astrophotography Society of America (ASA) Astronomy Tattoo Award.

Starry Night was one of the winners in the “Best In Show” category of the ASPA’s 2015 Astronomy Awards.

Star Trek actor, musician, and illustrator Paul F. Tompkins, who has also drawn tattoos of the iconic Vulcan symbol, won the award in the Best In Show category for the design.

“Starry Night’s Starry Sky, which has been a symbol of the stars since ancient times, was inspired in part by the Starry Nights tattoo of the constellation Leo, a symbol that represents hope, positivity, and a desire to explore,” said ASPA President and CEO Paul B. Gatti.

“Starry Nights, along with the tattoo’s other iconic stars, like Taurus and Capricorn, are also symbols of the power of love and the healing power of light.”

Starry Midnight was also named one of ASPA National Astronomical Assemblies “Star of the Year” and one of “The Best Tattoo Designers” by the ASA’s magazine, “ASA Astronomy.”

ASPA members can apply for the award here.

The ASPA says the ASPAs Star of the Day award recognizes “a great achievement in art and science.”

The ASPA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and its board of directors is comprised of artists, designers, and scientists, with the support of the membership.

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