What if Lyra Constellation tattoo really was the name of the constellation?

The constellation Lyra is the name for the constellation of the same name, and its constellation tattoo is one of the oldest known tattoo designs in the world.

The tattoo was originally discovered by an anonymous artist in a cave in the southern Italian city of Turin in 1496, but it has only recently been found. 

The tattoo was designed by the artist, known only as the “Lyra,” who went on to create a number of other tattoo designs, including a number for the planet Venus, as well as a number on the sun.

The original tattoo was made from leather and had a textural motif, which is still the motif for the Lyra constellation tattoo, and the artist made it famous.

In the 15th century, the tattoo was worn by an aristocratic family.

According to a report from The Times of London, the family owned the most important artisans in the city, so it is unlikely that they would have been able to afford the cost of making the tattoo.

It is thought that the tattoo originally had the word “Ly” as the first letter, but was changed to “Cra” or “Clare” after the family was defeated by the Spanish in the 1590s. 

But now, researchers at the University of Florence have discovered another tattoo that was probably done before the family’s defeat.

According of the research paper published in the journal PLoS One, the artists were able to trace the origins of the tattoo’s name to a tattoo on a dagger made in the mid-16th century.

“It was an extremely important symbol for the town of Florence,” Florence’s Art History Institute’s Francesca Di Marzo told The Huffington Press.

“The town was famous for its beautiful architecture, and we have some of the finest examples of these dagger designs from the 1530s to the 17th century.”

The dagger was made of two blades of bronze and was decorated with a large star on either side of the blade, and a symbol of the city’s name on the front of the dagger.

According the research, the dagger was painted with the name Lyra on the blade. 

Di Marzo said the discovery of this tattoo will shed light on how the tattoo has been used for thousands of years.

“The discovery of the original tattoo of the Lyre constellation in Turin was very significant, because the tattoos on daggers were not really popular,” she said.

“They were made in a very special way, with a particular kind of leather.” 

“The name Lyre was an important symbol in Florence, and it’s very likely that people had used it to identify themselves.”

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