How to tell if the Pleiades is in the constellation of Cygnus and Lyra, and how to find it in the night sky

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) A Libyan astronomy group says it has found a new star in the Orion constellation, a rare and beautiful celestial object that is often overlooked in the sky.

The Astrometry Group of Libya says the star is called Eris and is one of the brightest objects in the northern hemisphere.

The group said the star’s position is about 15 degrees from the star Cygnis, which is about 14 degrees from Earth.

It also has the name of the northernmost constellation of Orion.

Astronomers believe the constellation is an asterism, an object that appears as a star but is not in the same star group as the star it’s in.

In the Orion system, Orion is the brightest star in our sky, and it’s often overlooked, said Astrometer and Astronomer of the World, Nafaa Al-Hussein, who led the study.

It is a very rare object in the western sky, so there is a lot of excitement about it, Al-Haussein said.

The group says there are around 1,500 known stars in the system, including many that are brighter than the brightest stars in our galaxy.

We have seen it before, but we are the first to have it in Libya.

This is the first time, we believe, that we have found this star.

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