How to spot a new star in the constellation of Ursa Major – The Art of Painting

The best part of painting a constellation is seeing it in action.

If you haven’t been following along with our constellation painting tutorial, we’ll show you how to get the constellation in your life and how to apply your favorite paintbrush technique to create a masterpiece.

The constellation is the brightest star in Orion and it’s in the middle of the constellation Ursa Minor.

The constellation, like the stars in the night sky, is a brilliant blue-green with a lot of stars that have a very faint red glow.

For this tutorial, you’ll learn how to paint the constellation with an assortment of colors and brush techniques.

This is a great opportunity to get your paintbrush out and practice a few different techniques.

The paintbrush is so important, so this tutorial can really benefit you in your paint painting endeavors.

First, we will start with a dark gray and add some gray and blue.

We’ll paint it with a very thin layer of paintbrush on a small piece of white paper.

Next, we add some white paint to the dark gray.

Next we’ll add a layer of white paint and a layer more white paint.

We are now painting the constellation using an even thinner layer of brush.

Now we’ll begin to add in some highlights using a very strong brush that will make the constellation appear even more vivid.

We’re now painting this part of the sky with a strong brush.

Now we will add in the rest of the paintbrush and start painting with it.

We want to paint it very dark and with the highlight colors.

You can use the brush to paint any color you like, just make sure it’s very strong.

We use the strongest brush that we have on hand.

We can’t paint it dark, but we can paint it black.

Next, we start painting the entire sky with the brush.

We will paint the entire constellation with the strong brush on this part.

We’ll paint the whole sky, including all of the brightest stars in Orion, in this brush.

It’s a strong, bright paintbrush.

It’s important to remember that if you paint a painting on a paper with a thin layer on it, you can easily get a paint stain on it.

This is the way the brush will appear on the paper.

When you paint this part, the brush is very strong and you can see the paint on the white paper is very much showing through.

You want to make sure you don’t leave paint on it too long, but don’t overdo it.

We are painting with a medium brush on a piece of paper.

It is important to paint this painting on paper.

We don’t want to mess with the paint.

We will start painting it a bit darker and using a stronger brush.

This means we are painting the whole constellation with a light brush.

The brush is so strong it will stain the paper even more.

We start painting a bit lighter and then we add a light paint.

The light paint will add a bit more of a light effect.

The lighter the paint, the more of the light it adds to the picture.

It adds a bit of brightness to the painting.

We add a lighter color and then add a darker color.

This is an even lighter brush.

You can paint a little darker and paint with a heavier brush.

If you add a lot more light paint to a painting, you may end up with a hard wash of paint on your canvas.

We do this to create highlights on the stars and to add a very nice blue glow to the night.

This paintbrush works for us.

It will add an almost dark blue color to the constellation.

This blue glow makes it so bright.

We used a lighter paintbrush to add this blue glow.

The next time we start to paint a constellation, we use the same paintbrush, but this time we are using a strong paintbrush that is even stronger than the first brush.

I used this brush for the constellation that I’m painting, Orion.

You’ll see the stars that are also stars in this constellation.

You can see that I used a stronger paintbrush than the previous brush that I was using to paint these stars.

I used that strong paint brush for this constellation painting.

Now that we’ve painted the entire night sky with this paintbrush we can start painting other parts of the night with the same brush.

We’re painting a star with a stronger and lighter brush, so that it is a bit brighter and also adds a blue glow on the star.

We also want to add some light to the stars.

We need a strong light brush and this is the one I used for this star.

I use a strong medium paintbrush for this part and we are now creating a light blue glow around this star to make it appear more luminous.

The lightest paintbrush I have on my palette is the strongest medium paint brush.

When you brush with this brush,

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