Taurus & Orion tattoo from the tattoo artist

The Taurus and Orion constellation tattoos are a popular tattoo option for the tattoo artists.

The tattoos feature a large, round star in the centre of the tattoo, the symbol of the two constellations.

They are usually made from white cotton canvas, a tattoo ink that dries quickly and is suitable for a range of body shapes.

Some of the more popular tattoos are the Taurus tattoo with its star, the Orion tattoo with a snake, the Cancer tattoo with the Sun, the Virgo tattoo with two arms, and the Tauri tattoo with stars.

The Taurus constellation tattoos typically cost around $2,000, while Orion tattoos are often as little as $500.

The tattoo artist said the Taurians and the Orionans are the stars of the constellation, while the Virgos and Tauri stars are the planets in the constellation.’

It is like a two-dimensional tattoo’Dr Rachel Taylor from the Australian Institute of Tattooing said she was pleased to see tattoos featuring Taurus tattoos gaining popularity.

“It is so much more than a simple tattoo,” she said.

“I find that with the Taunas and the Scorpions it’s a little more like a three-dimensional ink.”

You can actually paint over a star to make it a bigger star, or the shape of the star can be altered to add some other colour.

“If you paint a star on your arm, then you could add a star in your ear or make your fingers longer or thinner.”

People have been doing these tattoos for a long time, and people love them.

“This is a very popular tattoo, and I am sure that they will continue to do so.”

Dr Taylor said people often did not realise they were doing an Orion tattoo.

“They usually do not realise that they are doing an Isis tattoo or a Taurus,” she told the ABC.

“The tattoo will come in different colours, depending on the shape and size of the body part.”

Usually it will be a circle with a Taurian star in it, and sometimes it will have a Tauri star in there as well.

“There are also people doing tattoos with the stars in it.”

Dr Kate Nunn from the University of Western Australia said tattoos with Taurus stars were a great way to add colour to an existing tattoo.

The stars represent the two most important constellions in the sky.

“When you have a tattoo that features a Tauna or a Scorpius, it really says, ‘this is who I am’,” Dr Nunn said.

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