This Constellation Piercing Tattoo Has a Minor Role in the World of Astrology

It was a rare opportunity for the constellation piercing artist of the north to be able to take on a new role, and the results were stunning. 

It was a new and challenging challenge, so it’s great to see that Constellation piercing artist Kateri Lee and her husband were able to overcome all the difficulties and make the tattoo.

The tattoo was a simple concept that she was very excited about. 

Lee explained, “I had an idea that I wanted to paint a constellation piercing in the shape of a constellation and I was able to pull it off. 

When I did it, I thought it would be a cool way to represent the stars and the planets. 

I wanted to do something with the stars that didn’t have a star tattoo and I thought that would be fun and it worked.”

Lee had previously done several constellational piercing designs, including one that showed off the constellation Orion, and she was looking forward to doing something more complex with her latest tattoo. 

“I think it would have been great to do an image with Orion and I also had this idea that maybe if you paint the constellation in the constellation, that you would have the stars in a different place,” she said. 

For this project, Lee did the constellation painting using a small acrylic paint brush, and with the help of a laser cutter, she was able get a small shape to fit into the constellation.

Lee says that she is very passionate about painting constellatory tattoos and is always looking to explore new things.

“It’s such a beautiful, colorful sky and I love to paint it,” she says. 

The tattoo has now gone viral, with Lee having received hundreds of comments and many positive reviews from people who see it as a great way to show support for the stars.

Lee has had a lot of luck with the tattoos that have been inspired by the constellation as she has had numerous people reach out to her, such as her husband, friends, and family.

Lee, who is based in North Carolina, hopes to continue working on her constellation piercing work, and hopes to expand the scope of her work in the future. 

You can watch a short video that she made of her constellation tattoo below.

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