A constellation tattoo with a message of hope for the Northern Hemisphere

A tattoo of the constellation Libra with a quote from the Bible is being sold in New York.

Key points:The tattoo was made in London, but it was sold in the US as a giftA website has been set up to offer customers an opportunity to donateThe company says it will donate 25% of proceeds to the UK’s International Rescue CommitteeAn online auction site, called Libra Tattoo, has raised $75,000 to help people affected by the coronavirus.

It’s the first time a tattoo has been sold in a New York city and it has drawn a lot of attention, with some calling it the most popular donation donation in history.

“I had a chance to meet the owner of the company and he said it was a bit of a hit in London.

I was quite impressed with that,” said James Hennings, a customer who bought the tattoo.”

It was a really cool gesture, because I think in the last few days there’s been a lot more awareness about this.”

People are really interested in it.

“Tattoo shop owner James Hensings says he had been asked to design the signMr Hennies has designed the tattoo in his spare time, and it’s not the first that he’s done for charity.

He said he got the idea for it after receiving an email from a customer saying she was concerned about people becoming infected.”

There were a couple of questions, and she said that I was making a great gift for the International Rescue Commission,” he said.”

We decided to make a sign for that.

It’s the symbol of hope, and the one that has been most effective for me.

“Mr Hensies said the tattoo is a reference to the fact that the disease is spreading in the Northern hemisphere, with the number of people infected rising dramatically in the past few days.”

That’s one of the main things I’m trying to convey with the tattoo,” he explained.”

The reason it’s a symbol of Hope is because that’s where the pandemic has hit the hardest.

“Hope means you can continue to live your life.”

A website, LibraTattoos.com, has been created to offer the opportunity to get the tattoo made.

“If you’re in London or New York, we can offer you the opportunity of a $75 donation towards the International Red Cross and the British Red Cross,” it says.

“You can also donate directly to the Red Cross in the UK through the International Relief Fund.”

Mr Fadil al-Shami, a senior manager at the Red Crescent Society of London, said the message was “a very important one” and that donations were welcome.

“One of the things we’ve been hearing from the British public is that they’re in need of help,” he told ABC News.

“This is a sign that they can reach out and help the people that need it.”

Mr Shami said the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was aware of the campaign and was in touch with Libra Tats for a comment.

The Royal Society said the Tattoo was a good example of the importance of art in supporting the lives of people.

“Tattos have a real impact, so the idea of the Royal Societies helping to provide the best tattoo designs for the people of the UK is certainly something that is appreciated,” said the society’s executive director, David Smith.

“And the Royal Scots Society is always in touch when we hear from people wanting to get their tattoos made.”

The charity has set up an online fundraiser to help pay for the cost of the tattoo and said it will make a donation of 25% to the British government.

“In the UK, a lot are looking to their local charities to help them out,” said Ms Smith.


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