Astronomy and Cosmology – The Astraeus Astraea constellation

Starburst, a constellation that was created by the Greek astronomer Hipparchus, was first observed in the constellation Astraei in the first century BCE.

It’s named after the constellation of the same name in Greece, and has been named by other ancient cultures in the same way.

Astraeus is the name of the constellation, which has been a popular choice among astronomers.

The constellation also features a constellation named after Greek mathematician and astronomer Pythagoras, who was also a astronomer.

The Greek mathematician, mathematician and geographer, Euclid, named the constellation after the famous Greek astronomer.

Astras is also the name for a constellation of Greek mythology that was known for its beauty.

It is also named after a constellation in the sky that has an interesting story.

The name Astra was inspired by the constellation Gemini, a name used in ancient Egypt for the constellation that rises from the north, and the constellation Sagittarius is also a name for it.

The names of the stars in the Astraean constellation Astrea were chosen in a very deliberate way, according to the team of researchers.

“Astraea is an important part of the classical astronomy of ancient Greece, which is why it is such a striking and enduring star.

We wanted to find a name that captured the beauty and beauty of the constellations,” said Dr David Wainwright, a planetary scientist at the University of Warwick in England, who is part of a team studying the astrological aspects of the Constellation.

He explained that this was a challenge that was impossible to tackle on the ground.

“We were lucky to have the help of colleagues from the University College of London, and some of the brightest stars in our own galaxy.

We also had the help from astronomers from France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.”

The Astrea constellation is known as the most luminous star in the night sky.

“It’s a fascinating star, and we were thrilled to find it in a constellation like this,” said co-author Dr Michael Erskine from the Royal Observatory Greenwich in the UK.

He said that the team would have loved to have seen the star in a brighter constellation, but that they found that it was an excellent choice.

“The stars of Astrea are the brightest we have seen in this region, so they’re the brightest in the entire sky,” said Wainwrite.

“These stars are known for their extraordinary brightness and for their ability to form a bright disk around the centre of the star.

They also form a ring around the disk, which gives them a very distinctive shape.”

The team also looked at the stars of the other stars in Astra.

They found that they all had a distinctive appearance, with a distinctive color and luminosity.

This is because they form rings around the star, which have the characteristic shape of a spiral, and they form a spiral shape around the central star.

The shape of the spiral has also been identified by astronomers.

“In our study we identified the shape of their spiral, which makes them extremely bright and extremely beautiful,” said Erskrine.

“They’re so close to each other, that we can see them as if they were right next to each another.

They look like they’re coming from the same place.”

The results of the study were published in the journal Astronomy & Astrology.

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