The Milky Way is the most distant galaxy to have a star of the same name – and that’s only a few hundred million light years away!

Astronomers have found the galaxy cluster of aries, one of the brightest stars in the universe, has a star called Lyrae that has just 1,000 times more mass than the sun.

The discovery was made using a special instrument that can detect light from stars within the cluster, and was made by astronomers using the Keck telescope at the Keelung Observatory in Hawaii.

It’s the closest galaxy to the Milky Way that has ever been imaged.

Lyrae is part of a large cluster called NGC 4889, which is one of three clusters in the constellation Sagittarius.

It is one-third the mass of the Milky Sea.

The astronomers say that their new finding confirms the famous “two-star rule”, which states that galaxies must have two or more planets orbiting them.

“These observations demonstrate the most massive and bright star cluster in the Universe,” said David McLeod, an astronomer at the University of Auckland and lead author of the paper.

“This discovery also provides us with the first data showing a star cluster is the closest known star cluster to the galactic center.”

“This galaxy cluster is located just outside the Milky Map, and is the first confirmed candidate of a binary star cluster,” added David Wilcox, an astrophysicist at the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO).

“If true, it would mark a significant advance in our understanding of the formation of galaxies and the early history of the Universe. “

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