How to watch the 2018 Sagittarius Star Party with the Big Bear Watch

If you have never been to a Sagittarian star party, you might be wondering how you can enjoy one of the most popular nightlife events in the world while staying safe.

But if you are one of those who have been there, here are five tips to help you enjoy your Sagittari Star Party safely.1.

Don’t walk into a bar or club with your cell phone or camera in hand.

The best part about Sagittaris party is that there are no cell phone and camera policy.

If you don’t want to take pictures, you don,t have to.

You can also walk into bars and clubs without having a cell phone in your pocket.2.

Use a mask.

The sun will be up and you will see the sun coming up.

The stars will be visible, and you can watch them as they pass over your face.

Make sure you don t leave your face covered or you may get caught.3.

If there is an empty room, make a space to sleep in.

If the stars are not visible from the front of the room, you can sleep in the front.

Make it look like you are in the middle of a crowded party and not just on the sidelines.4.

Get comfortable.

The atmosphere is not for everyone, but the stars will look great in any kind of lighting.

You dont want to be standing on a stage with your back to the crowd, but if you do have a space, be comfortable and get a good night’s sleep.5.

Watch the stars!

It can be challenging to follow the stars but if there are lots of people in the room watching, you wont have to be in the right place at the right time to catch the big show.

The sky will be filled with stars and the night will be just as exciting as it was when you were in the stars.

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