How to make your own Star Trek ‘Deep Space Nine’ costume

I have a secret life.I love Star Trek.So much so that I’ve dedicated my life to making the show.And my obsession with the show has led me to create some incredible costumes.I’ve designed and built many Star Trek-themed costumes.Now, I’ve got some designs I want to share with you.They are

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How to find Leo’s tattoo on polaris star constellation

News in Science The tattoo is a depiction of Leo, the star of the Leo constellation, and the star that he orbits.It was created by the artist Johnathan Hynes who has worked on several different tattoo designs, including a tattoo on a man’s hand.It is the first time the star

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When the Southern Cross is no longer visible at night

The constellational map of the Southern Hemisphere that was first used to help map out the constellation of the same name has been completely removed.The constellation of The Southern Cross was first discovered by German astronomer Hermann von Richthofen in 1864.Its star, known as Leo, is also visible at the

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The best of football’s five most-recognized teams

1 / 6 GETTY IMAGES Fixtures are usually the first to be played when the Premier League returns to London, but the last time we were there was a fortnight ago, with the Europa League.With three games left to play, the two big European competitions will be played before the

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Why are Chinese meteors such a rarity in Japan?

By LIZ PORTE and KAZUNO KAWAMURACNN Staff WriterLOS ANGELES (AP) A small group of meteorologists in southern Japan have found a puzzling mystery in a rare celestial event: The meteors they see appear to be traveling through space at a speed far faster than any other known phenomenon.The meteorologists say

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How to find the constellings in the Milky Way

The constellation ring is the closest thing to a star you can get to seeing the star’s light in the sky.It’s actually a giant spiral galaxy, which makes it a perfect target for astronomers looking for stars that are moving towards Earth in the southern sky. But it’s also a pretty

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When will the Seahawks make a trade?

With the 2017 NFL Draft just two weeks away, it’s time to start speculating about how the Seahawks will deal with their 2017 cap situation.The Seahawks have some salary cap room that could be used to make a deal to clear some salary-cap space.It’s not like they’ll be able to

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How to find the constellations to find your child’s constellation, if you can’t find them

The constellation map is a great resource to find all the constella-based constellatio-based stars and constellational constellae you need to start the process of finding your childs constellation.The constellation is a place where you can look up information about all the stars in the constellation and get a better idea

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When you see a star, you’ll see it with a comet: Find a constellation of stars and watch them all come together!

A constellation finder is a device that uses telescopes and a special camera to track a comet’s path.These objects are called “starfinder” stars, because they are bright enough to be seen with the naked eye, but faint enough to not cause interference with nearby objects.Finders are used to find the

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