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Why does it look like the Scorpio constellation tattoo on your hand?

New Scientist: The Scorpio constellations are a great place to start.You can make a mark on your body in many different ways.This tattoo is just one of many that can be made with these great colours.For example, you could be doing this on the left hand side of your body

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How to find the best starry night skies for kids in the constellation of the Omega constellation

The constellation of Omega, which is the constellation that marks the beginning of the solar system, was named after astronomer and astronomer of the same name, astronomer George Smith.Smith had observed the stars in detail, and after a number of observations, he determined that the constellation was made up of

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Starlight: A constellation gift for you and your family

A starlight gift for your family.(Credit: Kannan Singh)A constellation gift has to be something you can share with your loved ones.Constellations are unique because they are formed of many stars.Each constellation has its own unique characteristics that have to be appreciated by its members.You can choose one of these unique

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How to choose a new constellation for your team

The New York Jets are one of the few NFL teams still operating in a state of flux.In 2018, the Jets hired new GM John Idzik as their new head coach, replacing Rex Ryan.Idzik has yet to address the team’s offensive issues, and has done little to improve the secondary.The

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